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This guide describes the allowed usage of the Student Lockers

Student Lockers



The library has lockers current students can check out using their current AUP ID cards to temporarily store items. Fifteen lockers are located in the hallway leading to the vending machines (on your left when entering the Library) and were financed by the SGA and GSC.

Locker Policies

  1. The lockers have been provided by Graduate Student Council and the Student Government Association and are the property of the American University of Paris.
  2. Lockers are available to current AUP students.
  3. Any lost or stolen items from the locker are the sole responsibility of the student who has checked out the locker.
  4. The American University of Paris reserves the right to search the lockers if a concern for safety or hygiene arises.
  5. All locker keys can be checked out only at the AUP Library Service Desk during regular opening hours, and can be renewed once.
  6. Any vandalizing of the lockers will be considered as misconduct and reported to the Office of Student Affairs of the American University of Paris.
  7. Students are prohibited from storing perishable or prohibited items (such as open containers of fluid, flammable materials). If in doubt, ask at the Library Service Desk. 
  8. At the end of the loan period, the locker must be cleared of all items, left clean, in proper condition and the key returned.
  9. The Library of the American University of Paris reserves the right to suspend locker privileges if any of these policies is violated.
  10. The Library of the American University of Paris reserves the right to make amendments to these policies if necessary.


AUP Library - Last updated - Friday, 9 April 2010

How to use Library Lockers

  1. Locker keys can be checked out at the Service Desk
  2. For check out, you will need your valid student id.
  3. Lockers can be checked out for 5 days.
  4. The loan period can be renewed once.
  5. By checking out the locker keys, the student accepts the Locker Policies.
  6. Locker keys that are returned late are subject to a late fine (1Euro/day) and lockers maybe emptied if the need arises (notification by email)
  7. If the locker key is lost or not returned, there is a 30 Euro fine.
  8. The library reserves the right to search lockers in case of safety or hygiene concerns.
  9. For questions contact :

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