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Approximately 2,000 new books and the same number of magazine issues are added to the library's permanent collections each year.

It is important to know how these new books and magazines are chosen. Any student may suggest new titles at any time but the professors who design and implement the University's curriculum are the ones who play a central role in the development of the library's collections.

For each academic year an acquisitions budget is allocated for purchasing books and films for the library collection. Materials are selected for ordering against this budget throughout the year by the professors as they plan the courses they will be teaching. While funds are limited, the items which are not ordered are those which are less relevant to the programs or exceptionally expensive.


Document Delivery Form: 

Paper form available at the Service Desk. 
Online form available through the library homepage.



There can be a time lag between the time a professor or student places a recommendation for a book to be purchased and the time at which that book is received by the library. Nevertheless the person who places the order recommendation will be notified if a book cannot be ordered or notified after it has been received.

It is also important to keep in mind that books recommended for purchase after the following dates are unlikely to arrive in time for the semester indicated:

  • November 15 for Spring courses
  • March 15 for Summer courses
  • June 15 for Fall courses

If you don't find a certain title in the University Library's catalog but think it should be part of the permanent collection submit a recommendation for the library to purchase the book.

If you are in a hurry to consult a given book or have only a short term need, you may wish to submit a request to consult this book through the Document Delivery service.


The decision to subscribe to a given newspaper, popular magazine or scholarly journal is normally made once per year.
New subscriptions usually begin the following January but exceptions may be made.

If you are looking for an article in a newspaper or journal that you cannot find in the periodicals area, be sure to check Browse a List of Journal Titles to see if the title might be found within a database, or ask to see a Reference Librarian who can show you how to locate that journal in another library in Paris by using Catalogue Collectif de France or SUDOC.

If the journal that contains the articles that you need is not available through any of the Library's databases, nor in Paris, the article may be obtained through the Document Delivery Service.

Document Delivery

This service will try to locate specific books or journal articles which are not in the University Library's collections. As often as possible, you will be given an address in Paris where you can consult the material, or a photocopy of the pages requested will be obtained. There are no extra costs for this service for current AUP students, faculty and staff. However, there is not a guarantee as to how long it will take to obtain the materials you need from another library.

It is important, therefore, to plan your research carefully. It is best to avoid being dependent upon the availability of materials that the University Library does not own and to make use of Document Delivery materials as a complement. Please see the policies for Document Delivery (or Interlibrary Loan) for details.

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